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1e021b3Dr Kevin Moran brings 35 years of international experience in the fertilizer industry for the development of sales and marketing strategies, including technical training and communications programmes, in both developed and developing agricultural markets. He is also skilled in demand forecasting and identification of global fertilizer market trends, product positioning and launching.

Particular strengths are in added-value fertilizer products, particularly micronutrients, as well as in speciality soil and crop conditioners and performance improvers. Furthermore, Kevin has considerable practical experience in the application of fertilizers to help improve the nutritional value of crops (agronomic bio-fortification) and extend harvested crop life thus reducing wastage in the food chain.

Future fertilizer use will be based more and more on ‘precision’ in the amount, type, placement and timing to ensure best use by crops and to minimise losses from soils thus reducing environmental impact and achieving ‘More for Less’. Therefore analysis and monitoring of soils and crops, either in situ or remotely, will become routine and Kevin has long and extensive practical experience in the field of ‘precision’ fertilizer applications and their development.

Kevin can also provide consultancy support in the setting up of analytical laboratories for soil and crop testing, including equipping and staffing, as well as training and standardisation of procedures for international quality control accreditation.

Identification of new methodologies and technologies to assess and monitor soil and crop status at any time, to enable appropriate Fertilizer Best Management Practices (FBMP’s) all the time, are hard-wired into Kevin’s future vision of growth and success for the international fertilizer industry in helping to ‘Close the Gaps’ in agricultural productivity to achieve food, nutrition and environmental security for a growing planet.

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