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28 June 2013

Kemnovation Ltd has agreed a three-year sponsorship of ‘The Stumps’ with Spofforth Cricket Club. “I am very pleased and proud to do this after 30 years of living within a short distance of the club ground but never having the time at home to watch because of travel as a Senior Director of an international fertilizer company” says Kevin Moran, now Director of Kemnovation Ltd, a consultancy he has set up since his retirement in 2012.

Kevin MoranHe continues “I have seen the great things that proper use of fertilizers can achieve in the world and some not so good things when they are used improperly but overall we could never have made it so far without them and we’ll certainly need them in future with a rapidly growing global population particularly in developing countries such as Africa, India and China. Also we need more nutritious crops and less waste after harvest both quality issues in which fertilizers have a major role to play”.

Kevin emphasises that farming has to deliver the goods but it will have to do so with less environmental impact in future and many European and American farmers are rising to this very well with Integrated Crop Management and Precision Agriculture techniques. In developing countries the challenges are bigger with poor accessibility to seeds, fertilizers and crop protection but mainly basic know-how on crop husbandry, causing huge yield gaps.

“Kemnovation’s new web-site will become live on the 29th June, when Spofforth CC’s 1st XI play at home, and my hope is that it will provide a knowledge sharing and collaboration platform, accessible to everyone, which will help farmers everywhere rise to the challenge of producing more food with less environmental impact – more with less!’ concludes Kevin.


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